When looking at the IPVanish scandal and relating what companies are caught up in this anti-privacy scandal, we need to look for specific company names. IPVanish, its parent company StackPath, and the line of company acquisitions that led to StackPath. IPVanish was owned by a parent company, HighWinds, who also acquired a company who has hosting and routing resources called BandCon. Recently, all of these involved companies were acquired by StackPath.

So we have BandCon = IPVanish = HighWinds = StackPath.

If we take a look at the SmartDNS instructions for Unblock.us, they give us two IP addresses for their DNS servers.If we look up those IP addresses, the servers belong to HighWinds:

And DNS2 also belongs to HighWinds:

If we can’t trust IPVanish with our data, we can’t trust any of these companies that are sharing the same infrastructure.