In 2016 an investigation in Florida related to a stalking suspect and a number of false bomb threats was being conducted, and part of the investigation led to an IP address for a Private Internet Access VPN server. The FBI then presented Private Internet Access with a subpoena and Private Internet Access had no logs to provide. They could only tell the FBI that the servers that the IP address range that they were interested in were located on the east coast of the US. They had no other information due to their no-logs policy. Torrentfreak writes:

It is important to note that the FBI was able to build a significant case against the suspect using other police work. They knew that the suspect had motive, and banking information led them to store surveillance tapes and other evidence that led to the person serving justice.

This is one of the core arguments of privacy advocates; that “going dark” is a fallacy and police are more equipped than ever to catch criminals. Dragnet surveillance is not a necessary piece of the puzzle and privacy tools and services that push back against mass surveillance help us to cling to what little privacy remains in the information age.